Boom’s Works

Dora’s Jinx

Young Adult Fantasy

Dora Behn might as well have been born invisible. She could wear bright colors and dance on a desk in the middle of class without so much as a glance. This would naturally put a damper on her romantic life… if she had one to begin with. Everything changes on her sixteenth birthday when a talking cat appears and tells her she is a witch. For Dora, nothing could be worse. No one dated crazy cat ladies!

Things go from bad to worse when the other witches’ familiars go missing, including her aunt’s. Dora’s magic may be the only thing that can prevent the total destruction of the sleepy town of Kinderbook. But to save her friends and family, Dora must learn to embrace who and what she is. She just needs to figure out what that means.

Pay-Per-View Ragnarök and Other Modern Myths


Our world is full of mythical creatures, and their lives have changed in the modern world. From vampires working the overnight shift to gods avoiding their family reunions, Pay-Per-View Ragnarök tells their stories.

Ghost-hunting Critters


These ghosts don’t stand a chance…

From the beginning of time to the distant future, special animals of all species have answered the call to fight evil.

Includes “Morior Invictus” by Boom Baumgartner, which tells the story of a crow that can sense death.